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Beverage pasteurizer and Turnkey beverage processing line

HRS is one of the leading suppliers of pasteurisers and complete beverage processing lines for fruit based non carbonated beverages. Juice pasteurization is one of the key processes of beverage production which ensure inactivation of micro-organisms and achieve desired shelf life.

HRS beverage processing plant starts from preparation section and continues till pasteurisation. This integrated beverage processing line includes sugar syrup preparation, pulp unloading, ingredient dosing sections, beverage blending section, ready beverage storage section, beverage pasteuriser and a centralized CIP station. As required by customer, separate blending and pasteurization systems can also be provided.

Key Components

  • ECOFLUX*Corrugated shell and tube heat exchangers
  • System material of construction in SS316, SS316L, SMO254, SAF2205, AL6XN, Titanium
  • Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps, Lobe pumps
  • Imported sanitary pneumatic actuated valves
  • Imported instruments and sensors for flow, pressure, temperature and conductivity measurement
  • PLC based control panel with touch screen HMI and SCADA for centralized control
Compact Blending systems for dissolving essential ingredients


  • Compact size, aesthetic design
  • Close approach temperature
  • Heat enclosure to prevent radiation heat loss
  • Self cleaning nature of corrugated tubes
  • Fully automated system, precise flow control
  • Accurately automated CIP system with forward and reverse cycles


  • Low floor space requirement
  • Prolonged production cycles
  • Retains the natural product flavor and nutrients
  • Constant holding time throughout production
  • Energy recovery upto 90%
  • Minimal product losses
  • Faster and efficient cleaning with Low water consumption
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