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Nutraceuticals Processing Systems

Advanced Solutions for Dairy, Nutraceuticals, Infant Food and Probiotic Substitutes

HRS advantage is extended to the dairy industry through state-of-art systems such as PHE based pasteurisers, chillers, inoculation tanks and many more solutions for milk, cream, whey, whey cream, yoghurt, curd milk and allied products.

HRS provides Nutraceutical processing systems to food and healthcare industries. Good quality nutraceuticals, probiotic health supplements and infant food substitutes are some of the key requirements of modern consumer.

This advanced system is integrated with Ecoflux* DT series based pasteurizer and Ecoflux* MI series water heater to form the powder mixing section, powder solution processing section and oil storage and dosing section. The powder mix section includes a tri-blender, mixing cum storage tank and tubular heat exchangers for water RO heating. Superior quality pumps are used for powder and essential nutrient mixing and dosing.

An independent multiple circuit CIP system is engineered with the nutraceutical processing system for large plants. The entire integration can be done with separate control panels for main unit & CIP system.


  • Sanitary design for aseptic processing environment
  • Customized Solution
  • Tri-blender for effective mixing
  • Complete with SS tanks for batches and collection of diverted product
  • High end PLC automation using mix proof valves and seat valves
  • Integrated closed loop CIP


  • Final product safety
  • Uniform processing, longer production cycles
  • Suits varied processes and capacities
  • Suitable for high temperature and pressure conditions
  • Ensure higher shelf life


  • Probiotic Health Supplements
  • Dietary and vitamin supplements
  • Infant Food Substitutes
  • UHT/ HTST Milk sterilization
  • Dairy formulations
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