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Heat exchanger based systems - Acid Heating System HRS Process Systems Ltd. offers customized Heat exchanger based systems for various key applications in steel industry. Acid Heating System comes with ECOFLUX* heat exchanger in Tantalum at its heart along with special piping, pumps, valves, steam trap, control panel unit with automated flow & temperature controls.

  • Optimal heat transfer
  • Compact & energy efficient
  • Low fouling, low salt deposition
  • Uniform thermal processing & precise temperature control
  • No acid leakage problem
  • No dilution of acid
  • High response to CIP
  • Low maintenance
  • Standby line for process continuity

Application: Acid heating for steel plate pickling line.

Disadvantages of Conventional Systems:
  • Lesser efficiency due to dilution of acid
  • Frequent salt deposition
  • Acid leakages
  • Choking of line due to rust and metal particles
  • Repeated maintenance
  • More downtime
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