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Ecoflux* STHE
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Comparison Of Ecoflux* With Shell & Tube And Plate Heat Exchangers

PARAMETERS Ecoflux* * CTHE Shell & Tube
Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger
Heat Transfer Coefficient High Low High
High Pressure applications Yes Yes No
High Temperature applications Yes Yes No
Temperature Distribution Uniform Non Uniform Uniform
Two Phase Application Excellent Good Poor
Aseptic Processing applications Yes Yes No
Product Burn-out No Yes Yes
Dead Areas / spots No No Yes
Products with Solid Particles Yes Yes No
Products with High Viscosity Yes Limited No
Product Hold-up / losses Low High Low
Leakage Risk Low Low High
Overall Size Low High Low
Response to Cleaning in Place ( CIP ) High Medium Low
Extension of Units / Modules Yes No Limited
Ease of Inspection High Medium Low
Maintenance Cost / Spares Cost Low Medium High

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