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Pulp Processing Plant Most of the processors, till now, have carried out the preheating or pasteurisation of fruit pulp unhygienically using steam jacketed open kettle. Result was unhygienic process with disadvantages like non-uniform heating, charring, falling of foreign material in product, loss in flavor and aroma etc. HRS ECOFLUX* Tubular Heat Exchanger based continuous pasteuriser heats the product up to 95°C and holds it for few seconds for total inactivation of microbes, followed by filling in cans to enhance the product shelf life. The automatic control panel provided with the pasteuriser allows minimum intervention of operator thereby reducing human errors.

HRS PSL also offers systems for chilling pulp using tower water and chilled glycol for frozen pulp filling and storage.


  • Customized design
  • Indirect product heating using pressurized water
  • Long productive hours due to unique des igning of heat exchangers
  • Nearly zero maintenance
  • Retention of natural colour, flavor and aroma
  • Adjustable capacities
  • Quick and uniform product heating
  • Skid mounted for quick installation
  • Faster response to CIP
  • Branded system components
  • Sophisticated process control instruments

Key Components

  • Stainless steel fabricated skid mounted balance tank / De-aerator
  • De-aerator eliminates weight variation in filling
  • ECOFLUX* MI series hygienic heat exchangers
  • Hygienic, screw type positive displacement pump
  • Sanitary type imported flow diversion valves
  • Stainless steel CIP pump for faster cleaning of heat exchangers and piping
  • Closed loop hot water system consisting of ECOFLUX* 'K' series tubular heat exchanger
  • Automatic can filling station for un interrupted production
  • PLC based instrument control panel including VFD, PID temperature controllers for trouble free operation


  • Fruit and vegetable puree and concentrate
  • Fruits and vegetable particulates (diced, sliced, etc.)
  • Fruit and confectionary bases, sauces
  • Tomato diced and paste
  • Orange pulp

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