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Products > Unicus® Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger
Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Manufacturer India HRS has developed the Unicus® heat exchanger for difficult and critical processes where other types of heat exchangers such as rotary scraped surface heat exchanger, shell and tube or plain type are incapable of offering an adequate solution. Unicus® is capable of generating high levels of turbulence in products of high viscosity increasing substantially the overall heat transfer coefficient. In addition it does not allow the formation of any fouling layers on the inner tube surfaces and always stays clean enabling the unit to work in the optimum condition for efficient heat transfer at all times.

The Unicus® range of non-fouling scraped surface heat exchangers was developed over a three-year period, which included type-testing 50 units in production facilities throughout Europe for 12-months. Designed to handle viscous and heat sensitive products, which have a tendency to foul the heat transfer surfaces, Unicus® has a number of advantages over more conventional heat exchanger units.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Manufacturer India Technology:

Unicus® is a new generation scraped surface heat exchanger that is specially designed for high viscosity products with or without particulates, for fouling applications, crystallization and evaporation.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Manufacturer India The heat exchanger is formed by a tube bundle inside a shell. The product flows inside the tubes of the tube bundle and the service fluid outside. Product flow can be in single or multiple pass. The Inner tubes are smooth and seamless with good internal surface finish. All inner tubes include moving bars that support the scraping and mixing elements, which keep all the heat exchanger surface clean of fouling and agitate the flow to boost the overall heat transfer coefficient by reciprocating (unlike conventional scraped surface heat exchangers that move in rotation). The heat exchanger can be drained after use.

The unit is kept pressure tight by means of hydraulic seals. Units are 6 or 3 meters long and it has very few spare parts (there are no mechanical seals, etc.) The design of the units are patented.


  • Fouling factors are no longer a problem. The Heat Exchanger is always clean.

  • Drastic reduction in production losses because there is no wasted time cleaning the heat exchanger.

  • The overall heat transfer coefficient is very high as the level of mixing is dynamically increased and fouling is eliminated.

  • Reduction in the heat transfer surface and therefore a reduction in the cost of the unit with less materials.

  • The heat exchanger is self draining allowing total product recovery.

  • The size of the installation is much less than traditional solutions.

  • Reduction in product volume contained within the heat exchanger.

  • Easy maintenance. No rotary moving parts, seals, etc.

  • The temperature difference between the product and service fluids.

  • The design of the heat exchanger allows hygienic or industrial construction.

  • The Unicus® allows for gentle product handling since the shaft is moved back and forth once every six seconds and can be slowed down even further if required.

  • Since moving the shaft back and forth over a small length uses relatively little energy the Unicus® has low power consumption, making it very cost-effective to run.

  • A variety of scraper blades are available so the blade can be matched to the product.

  • Due to the patented self cleaning device the product channels are always clean so the unit works in the optimum condition for heat transfer at all times.

  • The UNICUS® is simple and economical to maintain.

  • As the scraper blades support the central shaft it is possible to make the heat exchange length as long as is required, with six metre long units built regularly as standard.

  • With the UNICUS® it is possible to put multiple product tubes in the shell making it even more compact.

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The design temperature is 165°C. The design pressure is 16 bar on product side and 10 bar on service side. Higher pressure ratings are available subject to a revision of material compatibility, component thickness and connection types.

Component thicknesses and/or connection ratings may be varied for specific applications where large differential component temperature levels are likely to be experienced.


Product side tubes in AISI-316L, 254SMO or SAF2507, while the rest of the wetted surface are AISI-316L. Scraping/mixing blades in PTFE and silicone (both FDA approved). Metallic blades are available for non-hygienic applications.

Service side in AISI-304 or AISI-316.

Other materials available on request.

DIN11851, ISO clamps, aseptic ISO clamps or sterile flanges on product side.

DIN11851, DIN2576 flanges or ISO clamps on service side.

Other couplings available on request.

Construction made in AISI-304. The units can be installed horizontally or vertically.

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